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How Can I File An Insurance Claim?

Your roof may qualify for an insurance claim.

About Roofing Insurance Claims

The benefits of insurance claims.

Insurance Claims

How we help with your roofing insurance claim
Our knowledgeable staff can evaluate the damage, help file a claim, and meet with your insurance adjuster.
Depending on the damage found on your roof, you might be eligible to file an insurance claim following your free inspection. Megram is very experienced in working with homeowners and their insurance companies to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.

Our goal is to help you with insurance claims.


Filing The Claim
Call the claims department of your insurance company and let them know we have inspected your roof and found damage. Let them know the date of loss provided by the representative. In most cases, an adjuster will be getting in contact with you in 24-48 hours to set up an inspection. Once the adjuster calls to set up an appointment, make sure to let the project manager know the time of the appointment.


Meeting The Adjuster

On the day of your adjustment, a Megram Representative will be on site to meet your adjuster. Together, your insurance adjuster along with the Megram Representative, will inspect the property and mark areas of concern. The adjuster will then put together a report and an estimate to be given to your insurance company.



Scope Of Work

Once your scope of work is received from the insurance adjuster, contact your trained Megram Representative to review the insurance paperwork provided. Your Megram Representative will then breakdown the scope and pricing to ensure complete understanding. 


Restoration Of Property

Your old roof will be torn off, replaced, and brought up to current building code. Any incurred costs that were unforeseen will be documented by a Megram Project Manager.


Final Payment

Once your roof replacement or repair is completed, a Megram Representative will send a Certificate of Completion to your insurance company in order to release any withheld depreciation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about insurance claims?

What are the advantages of working with Megram Construction during my roofing insurance claim process?

We help you, the homeowner, by looking at your roof’s damage through the eyes of a contractor which helps provide accurate scope and costs for the repair of your damaged property. We speak the same language as your insurance company, and as such, all the estimates are created using industry specific terminology to help ensure there is no confusion between you and the insurance company.

How much will my new roof or roof repairs cost me?

There is no charge to the homeowner above the deductible unless you choose to upgrade the materials for your project.

How long do I have to file a claim?

It is best to call and report any damages as soon as you are aware. In our experience, we have worked with homeowners on losses up to 2 years from the date of occurrence. Ultimately it is up to your insurance carrier as to coverage and acceptable time frame from date of loss.

Will my insurance rates go up?

Hail and un-named windstorms are referred to as “Acts of God”. In our experience, these are not events that will cause an increase to your premium because you file a claim due to them. However, your insurance company may increase rates on an entire area due to the storm, regardless if you make a claim or not.

What if my insurance company has already assessed my property?

Megram will assess the property for damages and then compare our findings to the original settlement. If we find that they have overlooked or inadequately priced anything, a re-adjustment may be possible to ensure you are compensated properly for your loss.


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