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Megram Construction is Central Florida's #1 roofing contractor.
Learn what makes us the preferred choice for commercial and residential roofing solutions.
For over 30 years our team has serviced the Orlando and Tampa markets with premium roofing solutions. Our reputation, quality of work, and customer satisfaction are the pillars of our success. Want to learn what else sets us apart from our competitors? Fill out this form to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the roofing process?
  • How often does my roof need to be replaced?
    Industry Standards for the longevity of roof types are listed below: Shingle Roofs: 15 - 30 Years Tile Roofs: 50 - 70 Years Metal Roofs: 40 - 70 Years
  • How can I tell that my roof is damaged?
    Extreme humidity and severe weather conditions, such as hail or hurricanes may damage or wear out the roofing materials faster than expected. Keep in mind that it is important to get your roof checked by a Megram Representative for damage if you are concerned about the structural integrity of your home’s roofing system after a storm.
  • Is a roof replacement tax deductible?
    According to the IRS, when you make an improvement to your home, like a roof replacement, you are not allowed to deduct those costs in the current year you spend that money. However, if you keep a ledger of these expenses, it may be beneficial to reducing the taxes that are due in the year you decide to sell your home.
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